Heroes Shouldn't Use Loopholes

Or: why it was wrong for Sheamus to throw Ricardo into Big Show's balls.
On SmackDown, WWE introduced the stipulation that in the nine days before their clash at TLC for the World Heavyweight Championship, Big Show and Sheamus wouldn't be able to touch each other. This was sealed by both signing a no contact clause contract. But seconds before putting his name to it – making sure Sheamus had already signed – Big Show turned a table over on Sheamus to get him mad, and quickly put pen to paper to make sure Sheamus would lose his World Title shot if he touched him.

This plot device isn't alien to us. We've seen it so many times (and we've seen it loopholed so many times). The point of it is to make the audience wait by making the good guy wait. In a scenario like this, we're supposed to want to see Sheamus beat up Big Show. But by introducing this device, they're making us wait to see the bad guy get his by making Sheamus wait to give the bad guy his. Not only that, but it also tests Sheamus as a character, because we all know that Sheamus isn't all that great at controlling his temper.

When Show did what he did, the device was doing its job perfectly. The audience booed, and Big Show came off as a giant ass (literally) for taking that kind of shortcut against a man who couldn't retaliate. (Would it've been more effective if Sheamus hadn't been being a similar brand of douchebag for almost the entire year? Probably, but hey.)

Then we got to the end of the night. Big Show came out to taunt some more and get Sheamus all worked up in the hopes that Sheamus would snap. So Sheamus threw Ricardo Rodriguez in the direction of Big Show's giant nether regions.

Sure, the stipulation wasn't broken, but WWE did make the point of the exercise moot. It might sound like nitpicking, but we've already established that the no contact stipulation is there to make Sheamus – and as a consequence us – wait until TLC. If Sheamus is just going to find other ways to beat up and humiliate Big Show before then, the stipulation might as well not be there.

Would it be okay if Big Show did that to Sheamus? Absolutely. More than okay, it'd be perfect. Big Show's the bad guy; I expect him to use circumstance to his advantage like that to fuck with someone in the hopes of costing that person their Title shot. If anything, this device should be in place to make Big Show even more of a villain before the pay-per-view. My point is, Big Show is meant to do things like that, Sheamus isn't.

This kind of situation isn't exclusive to this story, and if it was, I'd let it slide as a one off. But, all too often, WWE seems to introduce devices which should help their stories, and then render them futile shortly afterwards. In this case, it took just an hour and a half. I guess what I'm saying is: what's the point?